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Fri 13th Nov 2020

Classification Tournament Continues

Wins for La Esquina & Cría GT

Yesterday, Thursday 12 November, The Classification Tournament for The Remonta & Veterinaria Cup and the two last places in The Argentine Open continued. 
In Group A, Cría GT faced La Cañada and led the scoring from the outset but were soon troubled by injury as Joaquin Pittaluga had to be replaced in the second chukka by Cristian ‘Magoo’ Laprida. However, this didn’t dampen Cría GT’s spirits and they maintained their advantage thanks to the strong play between the two Laprida brothers. The last two chukkas saw La Cañada make a comeback ,with some excellent plays from Martín Aguerre bringing the team within striking distance of a win; yet it wasn’t enough and Cría GT took a 13-12 win, whilst La Cañada’s hopes of competing in The Argentine Open were dashed. 
The second match of the day saw La Esquina recover their composure following their opening defeat on Sunday 8 November, with a 12-10 win against Alegría following a strong second half. 
All attention now focuses on the two matches on Monday 16 November which will decide the two final spots in The Argentine Open. 
The Classification Tournament Schedule & Results:
Sunday 8 November: Coronel Suárez beat La Cañada 17-13 & La Irenita II beat La Esquina 13-11
Thursday 12 November: Cría GT beat La Cañada 13-12 & La Esquina beat Alegría 12-10. 
Monday 16 November: Cría GT vs Coronel Suárez & Alegría vs La Irenita II
The Classification Tournament Teams:
Zone A
Coronel Suárez (28): Felipe Vercellino (7), Marcos Araya (7), Ignacio Negri (7) & Diego Araya (7) 
Cría GT (32): Valerio Zubiaurre (8), Tomás García del Río (7), Joaquín Pittaluga (8)/ Cristian ‘Magoo’ Laprida & Iñaki Laprida (8) 
La Cañada (28): Genaro Ringa (7) Lucas Díaz Alberdi (7), Victorino Ruiz Jorba (7) & Martín Aguerre (7)
Zone B
La Irenita II (29): Santiago Loza (7), Tomás Fernández Llorente (7), Tito Ruiz Guiñazú (8) & Pedro Falabella (7)
La Esquina (28): Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (6), Juan Agustín García Grossi (7), Lucas James (7) & Bautista Bayugar (8)
Alegría (30): Raúl Colombres (7), Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario (7), Sebastián Merlos (8) & Fred Mannix (8)
Photograph: Cría GT beat La Cañada 13-12. By AAP/Matias Callejo

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